Making Home Work Cover

Making Home Work
in a Broken Society

Bible principles for raising children and building families

Can the home still work? Is it possible for Christian parents in today’s society to raise kids who love God and are equipped to do His will for their lives?

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Making Home Work Teacher


Teacher Edition

The truths presented in this lesson series are not parenting hacks—tricks to have well-behaved kids. They are principles studied from God’s Word and applied to the challenging topics and multifaceted responsibilities that today’s parents face. In this thirteen-lesson series, discover what it means to invest in your children and how to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

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Making Home Work Downloads

Ministry Download

These new ministry downloads will replace our Making Home Work student edition. The download package comes with two versions of weekly outlines—basic and enhanced. The basic outlines can be printed on any printer as a double-sided, 8 1/2 x 11” outline. The enhanced outlines have multiple pages and can be stapled as small boolets. You are free to use whichever would most benefit your group.

Also included in the download are thirteen pre-made presentations for each lesson. Each presentation comes in full and wide screen formats. File formats include: PowerPoint, JPGs, and Keynote

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Two thumbs up…. It is personal, powerful, and practical. This is a must read for Christian parents….

- Dr. Tom Farrell, Evangelist

Fresh and biblical insight into contemporary parenting issues faced by twenty-first-century families.

- Dr. Paul Kingsbury, Pastor of North Love Baptist Church, Rockford, Illinois

A rich and insightful resource for those who want to follow a biblical pattern for raising children.

- Troy Dorrell, Pastor of Eastland Baptist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The best comprehensive book on parenting that I have ever read.

- Scott Wendal, Pastor of Valley Forge Baptist Temple, Collegeville, Pennsylvania

About The Author

Paul Chappell is the senior pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church and president of West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California. His biblical vision has led the church to become one of the most dynamic Baptist churches in the nation. His preaching is heard on Daily in the Word, a daily radio broadcast heard across America. He has been married to his wife Terrie for thirty-five years, and they have four married children and eight grandchildren. His children are all serving the Lord in full-time Christian ministry.

Paul Chappell
Paul Chappell

Table of Contents

Preface: The Book I Waited to Write

Introduction: Can the Home Work?

1.  Guardians of God’s Heritage

2.  Teaching Eternal Truths for Today’s Challenges

3.  The Power of a Parent’s Influence, Part 1

4.  The Power of a Parent’s Influence, Part 2

5.  Developing Your Child’s Gifts

6.  Respect Is Correct

7.  Cultivating Contentment in a Consumerist Culture

8.  What’s So Specific about Gender?

9.  Exposing the Dangers of Media

10.  Taming the Media Monster

11.  Navigating the Teen Years

12.  A Pure Path to the Marriage Altar

13.  For Parents of Prodigals

14.  Fight for Your Kids from Your Knees

Conclusion: How the Home Works

Appendix A: Becoming a Child of the Heavenly Father

Appendix B: The Ministry and Your Family


















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Pastor Paul Chappell is a great family man. I have admired his passion for helping his children, and now his grandchildren, to develop a heart for God. Making Home Work provides great wisdom and practical training helps for serious Christian parents.

Charles Clark III
Co-pastor, Solid Rock Baptist Church, Berlin, New Jersey

In a world, nation, and culture that is increasingly hostile to our Saviour and our faith, Dr. Chappell refocuses parents on the practical, real life, and godly restoration of our challenges: a Christian family centered on and committed to God and His Holy Word.

Chad Connelly
National Director of Faith Engagement, Republican National Committee

In reading Making Home Work I was at first confronted with a good number of failures in my own parenting down through the years, but I was also comforted that God knows all about our failures and often works in the lives of our children in spite of our failures. I was also challenged that there is always room to grow and improve when it comes to raising our children for the Lord.

In these pages, Pastor Chappell builds completely upon biblical principles and is willing to share personal examples to help parents see how those principles can be put to work in their homes. There is an abundance of practical guidance and suggestions in dealing with the issues of modern life in the twenty-first century. I look forward to putting this into the hands of our church family and my own adult children as they seek to raise their children for the Lord.

Gordon Conner
Pastor, Greater Vancouver Baptist Church, Vancouver, Canada

Pastor Chappell’s book on parenting is a rich and insightful resource for those who want to follow a biblical pattern for raising children. The truths and principles articulated in these pages will serve as a guide to help parents face and overcome the challenges of bringing up children in today’s culture.

Troy Dorrell
Pastor, Eastland Baptist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Two thumbs up for Dr. Paul Chappell’s new book. It is personal, powerful, and practical. This is a must read for Christian parents who desire their homes to magnify Jesus Christ.

Dr. Tom Farrell
Evangelist, Brevard, North Carolina

From his heart as a Pastor, father, and grandfather, Dr. Paul Chappell writes with passion, giving principles and patterns to help God’s people protect the institution that Satan has targeted as never before. Every reader will find promised hope and practical help for their life and family in this timely book.

Dr. John Goetsch
Executive Vice President, West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, California

Every page of this book introduces fresh and biblical insight into contemporary parenting issues faced by twenty-first-century families. It is bold, practical and interesting to read. The honest, humble, and sometimes humorous personal examples presented resonate and encourage the reader. Assimilating and implementing this exceptional guide to parenting will surely make the home work!

Dr. Paul Kingsbury
Pastor, North Love Baptist Church, Rockford, Illinois

Dr. Chappell has written a book that is not full of unproven theories or hypothetical scenarios about how the Christian home should operate. Rather, it is packed with timeless truths from the Word of God presented with simplicity and candor. Dr. Chappell illustrates with stories, statistics, and personal experiences, and he applies truths directly to the overall and everyday struggles parents face of having a Christian home and raising godly children in today’s challenging world. You will find that the “homework” assignments at the end of each chapter are themselves worth the investment in this book.

Shane Lewis
Pastor, Somerville Baptist Church, Somerville, Alabama

Pastor Chappell has lifted timeless principles from the pages of God’s Word, and, with the experience of a pastor and parent, he has given hope to every family. From purity to prodigals, from playtime to prayer time, this book covers every major subject your home could need. If you will commit to follow these biblical principles, your home will work.

Dean Miller
Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

We live in a generation which is experiencing a moral collapse. The definition of family has changed, and the foundation of the home is eroding away. Many parents have simply given up. But parents cannot neglect their responsibility to rear their children, only hoping for a successful outcome. This book will encourage and equip parents with tools that can once again make the home work. The principles laid out for parents are not only biblical but practical. Pastor Chappell shares truths which are founded in the Word of God and have been tested in his home as well.

Kerry Nance
Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, Tampa, Florida

I am so glad Dr. Chappell wrote this book. What you’ll read in these pages is not only developed from Scripture, but it has been demonstrated in his home. Having had the privilege of being in the Chappell home frequently from the time the Chappells’ children were young, I can say firsthand that this is a biblically-based family. It is no surprise to me that all four of Pastor and Mrs. Chappell’s children are living for God and are, in fact, in full-time Christian work. I know the principles in this book will help you as you rear your family and counsel others as well.

Dr. R.B. Ouellette
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Michigan

Making Home Work reveals Dr. Chappell’s heart as a father, grandfather, and pastor. He shares practical instructions and helpful insights for parents raising children in a society which has by and large rejected God’s order and design for the family. I believe this book will provide every reader confidence and competence to be a better parent and grandparent. It is required reading for all who are seeking to improve their skills in building their families as Christians.

Tim Rabon
Beacon Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

I appreciated the comprehensiveness that covers virtually every area of parenting. I love the practical homework projects for each chapter. Most of all, I was encouraged that biblical parenting can still be done in today’s culture.

Dr. Jim Schettler
Vice President, West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, California

Making Home Work is informative without being complicated and practical without being trite. Regardless of the age of your children, you will find this book to be richly profitable. I know that I did.

Kurt Skelly
Pastor, Harvest Baptist Church, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania

The book will be helpful whether you are newly married or if you are in the process of rearing teenagers. There are great suggestions for every phase of child rearing. Throughout the book, Dr. Chappell recognizes that even though there are biblical principles that should be applied, child rearing is not an exact science. Every child is an individual with a free will. Thus he has an excellent chapter on the prodigal son.

I humbly predict that this book will be greatly used. Dr. Chappell not only writes from a wealth of scriptural principles but from a life that has proven successful in the rearing of their four children. Now as a grandparent he and Terrie can look back with joy as God led them through the various phases of child rearing.

This book is not just a how-to manual but a very helpful tool, transparently sharing the biblical principles that have assisted Dr. and Mrs. Chappell in their life and ministry. It would be a great read for any couple. I personally am purchasing a copy for all the couples in our family.

Dr. Don Sisk
President Emeritus, Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Making Home Work is a wonderfully practical book filled with tremendous insights and is extremely relative to the day and time in which we live. As a father, I strive to continually read books that will help me become a better dad. This is probably the most helpful book on the subject that I have read to date. I highly recommend this book to every parent concerned about rearing godly children whose lives will glorify God.

Dr. David H. Snyder
President/General Director, Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Making Home Work is a well-needed book I wish I had when Cheri and I were first married. Like Pastor and Mrs. Chappell, we too have four children, but we raised ours mostly in a foreign country. These biblical principles work in any country because God’s Word does not change. The loving experiences and practical direction that is given in this book is truly shared from the heart of a pastor and father. It gives tremendous insight so that we do not just raise children to adulthood, but really invest to make our homes work in the midst of a crooked and perverse world. Do not just read it, but meditate on each chapter and do the homework at the end of each chapter. It will truly bless your home.

Dr. Bryan L. Stensaas
Missionary, Uganda, Africa

The destructive forces of secular thinking have not only affected family life in our country but tragically the majority of families in good, Bible-believing churches. Dr. Chappell’s book will be a great help to get God’s people back to a scriptural view of the family and the specific responsibilities of parents. His biblical, practical teaching and applications will give the direction that many sincere parents are seeking. I am thankful for his willingness to confront modern culture and give us straightforward biblical answers.

Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen
Pastor, Falls Baptist Church, Menominee Falls, Wisconsin

Making Home Work is the best comprehensive book on parenting that I have ever read. Many parenting books give answers to a few questions, while leaving parents in the dark on so many relevant topics. Pastor Chappell has done a masterful job in covering the most important topics relating to Christian parenting, and both new and mature Christians will be helped with this practical teaching. I plan on making this book available to both our church family and Christian leaders that we touch.

Scott Wendal
Pastor, Valley Forge Baptist Temple, Collegeville, PA